If your small business doesn't do any marketing, at a minimum you should...

…have a vibrant, professional, credible website that potential customers can view on any size device and be able to find it on Google, Yahoo & BING.

We hear this question all the time:  “If I’m going to spend $1,000 per month on marketing, where should I spend it?”

After some extensive research we found that almost 85% of all businesses generate less than $800,000 dollars in annual revenue.  If you’re working on a 20% margin, that only leaves $200,000 left over for employee wages, telephones, rent, utilities, and marketing… let alone some money for you!

Here's the problem

Almost 90% of all business owners simply don’t stick with a consistent, monthly marketing plan.

FACT:  Having a super awesome website without Search Engine Optimization is like having a brand new BMW with no gas.  You simply won’t go anywhere.

Almost all business owners that start a Search Engine Optimization campaign never see results.  Why?  Because they quit after a month or two.

Why do they quit?  Well honestly, it’s hard!  Writing articles and creating content for your website is no easy task, let alone the painstaking, highly technical art of SEO.


The Rewards

The rewards that come from a well designed, vibrant, national looking website and a consistent SEO plan can be phenomenal!

FACT:  If you have a well built, marketing driven website that ranks on search engines & social media for keywords that your customers are looking for… it can transform your business.

But with all the stuff you gotta’ do like maintaining a website, writing blog articles, designing something that looks cool, blocking spam, security updates… whew! Your head can explode… not to mention the thousands of dollars that it typically costs.

That’s where comes in.

What we'll do for your business

We’ve streamlined the entire process giving you month in, and month out marketing consistency, for an awesomely low price.

Ok let’s say your business wanted to launch a new, fresh, marketing driven website.

Typically you’re looking at a minimum of $3,000 – $10,000 just to design the site.  That’s assuming you’re serious about a website that will generate new business for you.  Then you’re looking at $500 – $1,500 per month for content, and Search Engine Optimization management.

So how does do it for so little money… you ask?

First off, most of what web designers and SEO professionals sell is simply way too much for small businesses.

We’ve trimmed everything down to only what you need.  And then we streamlined the process which allows us to get more done in less time.

And the benefit to you?  Consistent, monthly, SEO, on a beautifully designed website that in the long-run will generates results… all for one low monthly price.


Some of the great services & products we work with.

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