So how does all this work?

It’s pretty simply, we help buyers find you on the Internet and help you get more customers.

1 - Gather Info About Your Company & Goals

First thing we do is gather information about you and your company.  Then we take that info and do some marketing research so that we can get you off on the right foot.

4 - Set Up Your Social Networks

Once your site is built out, and depending on which package you have chosen, we begin to integrate email marketing subscription forms, social media and other ways to make your site searchable.

2 - Work With You to Finalize Your Goals

Then we create a mockup of your new home page incorporating market research about your target customers.   Once approved we’re off to building your new site.

5 - Optimize Your Site for Basic SEO

A website without SEO is like having a new car with no gas.  You won’t go anywhere.  That’s why every package we offer includes Basic Search Engine Optimization so when your buyers search, you’re found.

3 - Build Your New Website

Our talented designs built your new website on the latest technology framework that gives you built-in SEO optimization and the best chances search engines will rank your website.

6 - Reassess, Rinse & Repeat

Getting pages on your site ranked for specific keywords that your buyers are searching for is week in, week out continual process.  We reassess your site on a continual basis and send you reports so you can see progress.

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