11 Aug

How Blog Articles Can Boost Your Business

Senior Marketing Consultant Jerry Suhrstedt writes about why blog articles should be the basis for content on your website.

Many businesses still think of blogs as independent entities that have no bearing on their business. The truth is, hosting a blog for your business can drive in customers and boost sales. But to actually get seen on Google, your blog articles must be well-written and pertinent to your industry. Here are 5 ways that well-written blog articles benefit your business:


  1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for getting Internet visitors to land on your website when they search for something related to your industry. Writing blog articles with pertinent keywords for your industry and/or business is the best way to make sure your website shows up when someone does a search.
  2. Customer interaction: When done properly, a business blog provides an additional service for a business’s customers. And by doing so, you invite customers to engage with you through comments. This creates a dialogue between you and your customer base and forms a deeper bond between you and your customers, who will feel more connected with your business and are therefore more likely to stay loyal.
  3. Industry leader: Writing an informative blog requires some work, but through thoughtful research you stay on top of your industry. Further, by discussing current industry topics on your blog, and including your sources, you become seen as an industry leader by your readers. This raises your credibility and authority at the same time that it ensures that you actually do stay on top of industry and industry-related news.
  4. Advertising: Your blog allows you to go into more depth about upcoming promotions and product launches, thereby advertising your products in a much more meaningful way than a traditional website allows. You can use your blog to showcase all the features of your products and go into depth about them instead of trying to summarize them on your website. The best part about a business blog is that you really can do anything you want with it, so you can alternate industry related information with advertisements for your products.
  5. Social media tie-in: You already know that social media is another valuable tool for your business, and a blog can tie-in to any and all of your social media accounts. Link your blog to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to gain even more followers, and stay up to date on other industry related blogs. It can even lead in to more profound publications like e-books if done correctly and for long enough.

Building a business blog can be a game changer for your business, but it does require some work to get started. If you need some help or want someone else to manage your blog, you’re in the right place. Contact us today to find out how 89bucks can build your business’s website and create a blog that will boost your sales.

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