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Ok, I’m not sure I get it.  I just got a quote for a website for around $1,800… but they want half up-front and half upon completion.  How is it that you guys can build my website for $89 to get started?

We have been building websites in the Seattle area for many years.  In all those years there are a couple things we have learned.  First, about 80% of all businesses in the USA are pretty small.  And, almost all of them simply don’t have enough budget to shell out a few thousand dollars on their website… let alone monthly costs for SEO.  So rather than fight that, we decided to embrace it and create a program that allows you to essentially spread all that cost over a long period of time.

With a decent website costing over $2,000, how do you guys offer such low prices?

We have found that most small business simply don’t need a large site.  What they need is consistent SEO strategies so that buyers can find the site they do have.  The larger your website is, the more work, and more pages you need to get indexed by search engines.  Most small businesses only need somewhere between 4-12 pages.  Our in-house designers are extremely good and we have completely stream-lined our back-end process.


Why do you guys include SEO with all of your packages?

You can purchase a brand new $70,000 BMW, but without gas, it’s worthless.  Just the same, a website without Search Engine Optimization is also worthless, unless of course you don’t care if anyone can find it. Buyers don’t search for your company name, they search for products and services they need.  If they do a search for “apple pies” and you own a baker, well… you might be selling a lot more apple pies.  We feel that SEO & websites go hand-in-hand.  You want more customers, right?


With such a low price, isn’t my website going to look a bit cheese-ball?

Absolutely not!  We only build very professional, vibrant, clean, websites that are not only utilizing the latest in graphic design trends, but also built in such a way to capture buyers and convert sales.  Our websites “encourage” users to buy… that’s the point right?


After my website is built, do I own it?

Yes… after your vesting period.  Each new account with has a 24 month vesting period which means after 24 months of continuous service with, your website becomes vested and ownership of your domain, website with all of the SEO work that has been done automatically transfers to you.  But of course we’re hoping that you’ll be so happy with that you’ll continue to have us manage everything for you.

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